"Våga se, våga agera"

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Malmö universitet/Fakulteten för hälsa och samhälle (HS)

Sammanfattning: The current study is based on a collaboration with the Kvinnojouren Lund. The aim of the study is to make a process evaluation of the women's shelter project "Våga se, våga agera", which is an education aimed at preschools. The main method consisted of qualitative interviews with both the staff working at the women's shelter in Lund but also an interview with a preschool manager who attended the education. In addition, a participant observation was made to answer the questions. The process evaluation contains three parts and these are a goal analysis, a goal/means analysis and an implementation analysis. At the end of each analysis, recommendations are given that the women's shelter can use when launching and implementing a new project. The result shows that the first education moment should contain information about the characteristics of children exposed to and witnessing violence. The other education moment should contain a clearer description of what happens after a report and possible fears that may arise. In summary, the process evaluation indicates that the education is relevant since there is a knowledge requirement in the subject area and that the women’s shelter project is a possible way to increase this knowledge.

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