En nations bortglömda mödrar : En analys över problemrepresentationen i tre policys, och deras konsekvenser för svarta mödrar i USA

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Försvarshögskolan

Sammanfattning: As the statistics for maternal mortality have declined all over the world, it has also been rising in the US for the past two decades. The data clearly shows that the group with the highest risk for maternal mortality are black women, whilst white women are the group with the lowest risk. This study aims to investigate three policys related to maternal care: Affordable Care Act, Preventing Maternal Deaths Act and Improving Access to Maternal Care Act. By using Carol Bacchi's What’s the Problem Represented to Be-method of analysis, the study looks deeper into what underlying presumptions and assumptions the policys carry, and what consequences these have. Together with intersectionality as a theoretical framework, the study was able to uncover issues between the policies that are currently in place, and the categories and power positions within the people involved in the policy process and the people affected by the policies. The results show that the underlying assumptions and presumptions is that women work as a homogenous group and that the policies are focused on low-income individuals within that group. This results in continuous disparities in maternal mortality for black women, with concerning consequences. There is a great need for research, not only for accurate data surrounding maternal mortality (on deeper levels, not for women as a homogenous group), but also for development of policies and health care.

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