Metamodelling of a Finite Element Analysis of a Drilling Process with Replaceable Inserts

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Högskolan i Skövde/Institutionen för ingenjörsvetenskap

Sammanfattning: The aim of this project is to create a metamodel from a drilling tool with replaceable inserts from FEA of the machining process using MATLAB and ABAQUS. This report contains research in drilling and in metamodeling using neural networks and the work from the design of the CAD, through FEA and simulations, to the metamodeling, excluding the optimization. The work has resulted in a framework where a base FE model of the drill with two inserts that works, but due to time issues and given high cutting speed and feed the results of the FEA and the metamodeling are not very accurate. Therefore, the optimization analysis could not be done. However, it has been shown that feed has a major influence on the inserts temperature than the cutting speed, despite the higher range of this last one.

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