Uppsala Universitet : Electronic project - heat lock for bikes

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för teknikvetenskaper

Sammanfattning: This project explores the idea of implementing an electronic device that can melt away ice from frozen bike locks. It narrates the process of starting with no knowledge of how heating works and ending with a manufactured and soldered PCB with limited heating capability. Resistance heating and induction heating was studied in the initial phase of the project. Which proceeded into designing the complete schematic of the induction heater. A prototype was built which advanced further to the development of tools and ways to measure inductance, resonant frequency and temperature before the tests of the performance. When the performance tests were done the induction heater was optimized and later designed in eagle. A PCB circuit was ordered which later was soldered until completion.  The result was an induction heater in PCB form with limited functionality compared to the data of the prototype, due to faulty layout of the circuit. The performance of the end result was 20.02 degrees C to 33.20 degrees C in 11 minutes. The data from the prototype suggests that the induction heater can melt the ice from frozen bike locks since the performance was 21.96 degrees C to 62.02 degrees C in 4 minutes. Any rise in temperature over the boiling point of water 0 degrees C is good but tests in real winter conditions needs to be done to definitively confirm success. The mayor problem is whether a battery can provide with the required energy without getting to big or expensive. If the answer is yes then the induction heater of this project can be used regularly but the manufacturing costs would still be high.

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