Den preoperativa riskbedömningen ur anestesisjuksköterskans perspektiv: En enkätstudie

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Sammanfattning: Background: During a preoperative assessment information about the patients health, physicalstatus and current diseases are gathered to enable an evaluation of the patients risk factors beforeanesthesia is administrated. The goal of this evaluation is to minimize the risk of perioperativecomplications by individualizing the anesthesia method and/or perform a preoperativeoptimization of the patient. Purpose: From a caring and medical perspective examine nurseanesthetists perception of preoperative risk assessment and education before anesthesia ofpatients. Method: A national web survey that consists of three parts with questions addressingpreoperative assessment, a patient case and risk factors for anesthesia was sent to nurseanesthetists in Sweden who are members of Vårdförbundet as part of a degree project atSahlgrenska akademin. Result: 469 answers were analysed (127 male/339 female), the mostcommon respondent was between 30 to 50 years and had more than seven years of experienceas a nurse anesthetist. The responders had experience from different types of anesthesia wardsand are spread all over the country, north: 61, middle: 185 and south: 221. Approximately 3/4of the nurse anesthetists in this study experience that they meet patients every week who’s notsufficiently optimized for anesthesia. In terms of education regarding preoperative riskassessment, 4/5 of the respondents consider that they had not gained that since their degree asnurse anesthetists. Nearly half of the respondents don’t know or don’t think it exists writtenguidelines regarding preoperative risk assessment and optimization on the anesthesia ward theyare currently employed at. Conclusion: During the two weeks the web survey was available tothe respondents 27% replied. From this response rate a tendency that a few patients areanesthetized every week without being fully optimized for anesthesia is seen. There also seemsto exist a possible development area of nurse anesthetists education and knowledge regardingpreoperative risk assessment to be able to guarantee highest possible patient safety.

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