Managing Digital Transformation - How organizations turn digital transformation into business practices

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen

Sammanfattning: Title: Managing Digital Transformation: How organizations turn digital transformation into business practices Purpose: In recent years, digital transformation has emerged from an abstract concept into a ground- breaking impact factor transforming organizations and their business models. The purpose of this research study comprises a theoretical and practical objective. This research study contributes to the conceptualization of digital transformation by reviewing and assessing the current state of literature. The practical purpose aims to examine the impacts of digital transformation and strives to understand how the concept of digital transformation can be turned into business practices. Method: This research study follows a qualitative approach in the form of a multiple case study design by concentrating on eight case companies operating across various industries. The empirical data is collected through semi-structured interviews. Based on the reviewed literature, the researchers developed a conceptualizing framework which is validated and revised by applying the empirical data from the multiple case studies. Findings: The findings of this research study display that the phenomenon of digital transformation is an undefined concept for organizations. Further, the results identify customer centricity as key objective for digital transformation. In addition, digital transformation leverages data-driven and service-related business models. Moreover, the findings indicate that effective digital transformation strategies build an integral part of overarching corporate strategies. Lastly, the researchers identify the following key success factors that are crucial to turn digital transformation into business practices: (1) top management support, (2) flatter hierarchies and cross-functional collaborations, (3) intensified people management, (4) utilizing data and digital technologies, and (5) customer-centric key performance indicators.

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