Change or Die : A study on the phenomenon of Library UX at two academic libraries in Sweden

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för ABM

Sammanfattning: A recent phenomenon within the library sector is that of User Experience (UX). Library and information practitioners are increasingly leaning towards letting their users help guide and organise library services by using UX methods to both evaluate existing services and to create new ones. Despite that an increased number of academic librarians are focusing on researching their Library UX, few studies have been done on this phenomenon, and none have focused on a Swedish context. In this thesis, the emerging phenomenon of Library UX is investigated by performing a qualitative case study at two academic libraries in Sweden. The posed research questions focus on four areas: what impacts the implementations of UX methods have on an academic library, how UX methods are learnt, if this new emphasis on Library UX will affect the user-librarian relationship and if something can be said about the future of Library UX. The main theory used is Actor-Network Theory (ANT), which together with the use of the Foucauldian perspective on knowledge/power has been employed to analyse the collected empirical data to further the understanding of the phenomenon. The findings are divided into two parts. Firstly, the case study depicting the results of the collected empirical data. Secondly, the ANT-analysis of the Library UX network is presented, which is based on the data collected in the case study. The main conclusions that can be drawn from this study are how UX methods are perceived by the informants as leading to improved library services. There is also a clear consensus among the informants on how the new perspective of the user presented within the Library UX framework will deepen the user centred focus even further at the libraries. Furthermore, the ANT-analysis shows how the phenomenon has primarily emerged through advocacy and how advocates have a central role in how knowledge about Library UX and UX methods are spread within the library world.

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