Doktriner : en förutsättning för logistiska samarbeten mellan Sverige, Nato och Norge

Detta är en Uppsats för yrkesexamina på grundnivå från Försvarshögskolan

Författare: Viggo Bäckström; [2020]

Nyckelord: doktrin; Sverige; NATO; Norge; operativ logistik;

Sammanfattning: European security policies have in the last decade deteriorated. In the Swedish doctrine, it is stated that Sweden needs help from other countries' military power to resist foreign occupation. Swedish Armed Forces need to be able to co-operate with military actors in Europe. A crucial part of a collaboration between military actors is that logistic planning and conducting operations are implemented in the same way. Military actors need to understand how to conduct and plan logistic operations together. This analysis focuses on answering if doctrines used for planning logistic operations between Sweden, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and Norway is the same. The purpose is to understand if Sweden is capable to logistically co-operate and receive support from another military power like NATO or the member state Norway. The study is conducted with comparative qualitative text analysis to search for seven theoretical properties that are used to evaluate logistic planning. The results show that the seven properties; flexibility, attainability, continuity, tempo, simplicity, survivability, and efficiency are different in many aspects for each military actor's doctrines. However, the results point out that Sweden can plan a logistic operation with NATO and Norway if the correct doctrine or combination of doctrines are used.

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