Byggfel på plåttak : - Bristande kommunikation eller bara slarv?

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från KTH/Byggvetenskap

Författare: Louise Bergman; Anna Nilsson; [2014]

Nyckelord: byggfel; plåttak; tak; takentreprenad;

Sammanfattning: The mistakes and failures on the roof are noticed during inspection of the construction, many of the commentaries are recurring. A contractor should only need to get a commentary once and then learn from the mistake. It has in this study been brought to light that the solution is not to tell the contractors to "stop slattern", it is more complicated than that. Today, the biggest problems are found in leadership, communication, feedback of experience and that the entrepreneurs take too little responsibility. To minimize the amount of commentaries all contractors need to work with a clearer leadership where the leader is both respected and appreciated. The leader must in an effective way be able to convey all the information to all employees. It is also needed that the information flows smoothly through the whole project. It should be easy for the people working out in the field to reach the latest information. Therefore it’s also important that the entire documentary is good enough when the project begins; there should be no possibilities for misunderstanding. It is also needed that all the entrepreneurs work with feedback of experience in the company. If a mistake or failure is noticed this needs to be fed back in the organization and the knowledge of how the work should be done correctly must be distributed to all the employees. If inspections are done continuous during the construction all failures and mistakes will be noticed earlier and greater damage is prevented. However this requires that the contractors correct the mistakes directly. The challenge with minimizing the amount of building damage is to create a good work environment with a good leadership and a good communication.

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