Distriktssköterskors erfarenhet av hot och våld på vårdcentral

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Författare: Anna Victorin; Kajsa Alopaeus; [2017-12-14]

Nyckelord: hot; våld; distriktssköterska; vårdcentral; möte;

Sammanfattning: Background: Threats and violence aimed at healthcare workers is a growing problem. Earlier research shows that threats and violence occur in psychiatric and emergency care. Threats and violence lead to absence from work and the fact that nurses leave their profession. The encounters in care are complex and influenced by several factors. The district nurse can by a person-centered approach and with empowerment in the encounter support the patient. Aim: To enlight district nurses' experience of threats and violence in primary health care centers. Method: A qualitative method with a descriptive approach was chosen for the study. The data were collected from six semi structured interviews. The data materials were analyzed using qualitative content analysis with focus on the manifest contents. Results: Three categories and eight subcategories were identified. The first category enlighted being exposed in the role as a district nurse. This awakened emotions and reactions in the district nurses. The second category enlighted how to deal with threatening situations. It was described how district nurses applied different strategies according to their own experience. After a threatening situation they documented and expressed a need to reflect about the situation. The third category enlighted creating the prerequisites for a safe workplace. The district nurses desire not to work alone in exposed situations and there is a need for alarm in all rooms where patients are treated. The district nurses lacked action plans, support and education in relation to threats and violence. Conclusions: The results show that district nurses in primary health care centers were exposed to threatening situations. Action plans, education and support in creating a safe work place are needed to make it possible for district nurses to meet the patient in a professional way.

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