Vad gör vi om två veckor? : En kvalitativ studie om sportjournalistik under coronapandemin

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Umeå universitet/Institutionen för kultur- och medievetenskaper

Författare: Maja Björklin; [2020]

Nyckelord: Sports journalism; qualitative study; pandemic;

Sammanfattning: This paper aims to investigate how the content of sports editorial newspapers has changed during the Covid-19 pandemic and the government’s decision to cancel all events concerning more people than 500 in Sweden on the 11th of March. The theory used in this paper is agenda setting and new values of written articles. This paper will also investigate how sports editorial newspapers experiences working under new conditions. The procedure of this investigation involved analysing the local newspaper “Upsala Nya Tidning” (UNT) and the public service format “Sveriges Television” (SVT) covering nationwide sports news. The newspaper UNT and the public service format SVT was analyzed by a thematical analysis of their covered sports news. one week before and two weeks after the government’s decision. To supplement the thematic analysis, two qualitative interviews with the head of sports (SVT) and the sports manager (UNT) was conducted.  The results showed a significant shift in the covered sports content written by the newspapers and the experience of sports journalists.

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