Fysisk aktivitet bland gymnasieelever under COVID-19 : En enkätstudie

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Mittuniversitetet/Avdelningen för hälsovetenskap

Sammanfattning: Insufficient physical activity is a problem that gets more severe as individuals reach their teens, which affects their physical and mental health negatively.The societal impact of COVID-19 has amounted to many changes in the daily lives of the youth and has possibly affected their physical activity levels. Aim: To examine physical activity levels of Swedish youth (16-19 years) during COVID-19 and compare physical activity levels during and before the outbreak of COVID-19 in Sweden. Method: Upper secondary schools in central Sweden were randomly selected to be asked to participate in a survey study. Seven Day Physical Activity Recall Questionnaire was used to estimate thestudents physical activity and compare it with their physical activity levels before COVID-19 (January 2020). Results: In total, 214 students were includedin the analysis. On average, the respondents were active for 46,39 minutes of weekly moderate- to vigorous physical activity (girls 41,98 min, boys 50,96min). Most of the participants (62,1 %) stated that they were more active before than during the pandemic. Boys were generally more active than girls and physical activity increased from year 1 to year 3. Conclusion: The results indicate that physical activity decreased among the respondents due to COVID-19. This is an aspect which needs to be considered when choosing societal strategies during pandemics. 

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