Sjuksköterskans erfarenhet av att vårda äldre i hemmet i livets slutskede

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Sammanfattning: Background: Ageing is a natural part of life and the older population is increasing. Manyelderly people choose to die at home. Therefore, more skills, knowledge and experience ofboth nurse and other health professionals are needed to care for the older people at the end oftheir lives at home and how the nurses create the conditions for a dignified death.Purpose: To illuminate the nurse's experience of caring for the elderly in the end of life athome and how the nurse creates the conditions for a dignified death.Method: A qualitative study with semi-structured interview used on eight nurses that areworking at nursing homes and patient’s homes in the municipal sector and nursing homes inthe private sector that work with older people with at least one year experience. Contentanalysis by inductive approach has been used for data analysis.Results: The nurse's experience in palliative care resulted in five main categories: The wellbeingrelates to the importance of symptom relief, be at location and promote self-determination / autonomy. Expertise/experience with possess and user and Sharing ofknowledge and experience. Support for relatives / guidance related to preparing and providesafety. Working environment health were shown the positive factors and weakness. And teamcollaboration for a holistic approach with the close cooperation and to guide and preparenursing staff.Conclusion: Nurses need to be at location for assessment, preparing and supporting bothrelatives and nursing staff, including reporting to others medical staff in the team. The nursesexpress that it is important to create safety for the patient, family, and nursing staff and it is acondition affecting dignified death. Improvement in existential support is needed which canbe discussions about death and needs, in palliative care. Knowledge of palliative care for allprofessions in health care should be acquired in basic and advanced levels. Preparation of apatient and their relatives is very important when it comes to the end of life.Keywords: palliative care, elderly, nursing home, home healthcare, nurse´s experience,dignified death.

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