Alla är vi olika, men olika är bra : En kvalitativ studie om förskollärares uppfattningar och beskrivningar kring arbetet med inkludering av barn i behov av särskilt stöd

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Sammanfattning: AbstractThe purpose of our study is to contribute with knowledge about how preschoolteachers perceive and describe the inclusion of children in need of special support.Based on the purpose of the study, three research questions are formulated. The studyhighlights legal text and documents, important concepts, the change in inclusion overtime, the preschool teachers' approach and the impact of the environment and groupsize on the inclusion of children in need of special support.The study is based on an inclusion perspective based on a phenomenographicapproach. The data collection method was qualitative semi-structured interview andbased on an interview guide. The interviews were conducted digitally with tenlicensed preschool teachers with varied professional experience. Interviews wererecorded, transcribed and analyzed. From the inclusion perspective, we analyzed thematerial and were thus able to find variations in the preschool teachers' perceptionsand conceptions regarding the inclusion of children in need of special support.The result of the study showed that children in need of special support can beperceived from two different perspectives, organizational perspective and childperspective. Furthermore, it emerged that lack of time, the size of the group ofchildren and adaptations to the environment affected the inclusion work. Anotherthing that was perceived to affect inclusion of children in need of special support wasdescribed as the approach and attitude that the preschool teachers adopted towardsboth children and each other. Many preschool teachers described that they lackedsome knowledge about inclusion and therefore wanted more education in the form ofexchange of experience.

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