Glyfosatförbudets förväntade effekter på växtodlingsstrategin : en företagsekonomisk fallstudie om beslut och resursutnyttjande

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från SLU/Dept. of Economics

Sammanfattning: According to LRF Konsult, who carried out a survey named Lantbruksbarometern 2016, a large proportion of the participating farmers stated that their profitability is low or indeed very low. The Swedish agricultural sector has gone through substantial structural changes, which has led to an increasing competition. Along with the European Union´s proposition to ban the active substance glyphosate, debate among several stakeholders have aroused. A glyphosate ban could enhance the impression of a low profitability among farmers. Furthermore, a glyphosate ban would likely affect the current strategy of farmers’ cropping systems. To handle the effects of a glyphosate ban a strategy could be of use. To examine what strategy is the most sufficient, it is of great deal to make decisions. From here, a strategy may be formed along with defining long term goals. The purpose of this study is to examine what strategies farmers most likely will use in the event of a glyphosate ban. This study has conducted five interviews with farm businesses to provide a deeper knowledge of how the context in relationship with the businesses current position affects their decision-making. A qualitative method with an inductive research approach has been used in order to interpret the empirical material from a wider perspective. This study cannot argue that one change solely affects the choice of strategy concerning the businesses cropping systems. The required changes are dependent of the business unique situation and its surrounding context. This study reveals that necessary changes involve crop rotation, cropping system, the use of chemicals or the choice of organic farming. In order for the businesses to make these changes investment in new machinery may be required. In addition, utilization of available resources will be of importance. Finally, the farm operation believe that a glyphosate ban will result in additional chemical use along with an increase of working hours.

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