Oljeavskiljare för biltvätt : Från idé till prototyp

Detta är en Uppsats för yrkesexamina på grundnivå från Uppsala universitet/Industriell teknik


This thesis describes the development

of a device called "Oil Separator"

which is used for washing vehicles and

particularly car washing. The device

developed for Mr. Car Bilvård AB in

Uppsala, the company's work involves

passenger transport and courier

services. The company needs an

external device that meets the

environmental standards to wash their

own cars in the premises without the

need to modify or reconstruct on the

premises ground as the premises is on

a leased contract.

Work began with a preliminary study on

the literatures that describes both

the function and structure of

designing the device. A few interviews

with other car wash companies had been

implemented, and some measurements.

After collection of the necessary

information the specifications of

customer requirement was presented .

With these requirements a few

concepts was generated and weighed

using the Pugh matrix for concepts

selection for further development.

The final concept was further

developed and a design has been

presented. A design of the washing

place was taken up also which does not

require any change in the premises by

putting it on the ground. A functional

smaller prototype of the oil separator

was developed and tested.

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