How to future proof a Business Model : Capture and capitalize value in the field of Urban Mining

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Blekinge Tekniska Högskola; Blekinge Tekniska Högskola


Context: During the 21st century several alarming reports have been published that deals with the depletion and pollutant of the earth by human interference. The earth is an ending resource and so are the mountains and bedrocks which are continuously mined in order to harvest its minerals. The idea behind Urban Mining is to (re)invent processes enabling further purpose for materials both from old deposits and new products providing secondary raw materials and energy. This thesis aims to investigate the challenges and opportunities of how firms and organizations can and will be able to strike a better balance between product-/service systems, economic growth and environmental stewardship in the context of Urban Mining as an approach. With the innovation of processes, technology, business- planning and creation in focus.

Objective: How to future proof a business model for Urban Mining by the usage of business model design.

Method: This thesis will be conducted using a case study approach, meaning that it will incorporate qualitative, exploratory and descriptive characteristics - aiming towards enabling both applied and fundamental research.

Results: The result evaluates the business model element differences between traditional C&D industry and Urban Mining industry. A Business Model Canvas adjusted for the Urban Mining segment is developed and a figure illustrating the PSS-/Sustainable offer from a Value Chain Perspective is presented. Through correct identification and management of the different business model “layers”, a company can reach sustainability on a system-level.

Conclusion: This thesis findings indicate that a PSS-/sustainable offer can help companies in the process of capturing value for the customer, society and environment within the field of Urban Mining. By factors determined by the nature of the industry, Urban Mining requires sustainability and a development towards a circular economy. The PSS-/sustainability offering allows companies to adapt and take advantage of such an environment.

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