FRAMTIDENS ARBETSPLATS : En studie av agila och hybrida team

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Umeå universitet/Institutionen för informatik

Författare: Noel Lindström; Oscar Stensson; [2022]

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Sammanfattning: In the digital age, technological development has been a forerunner in the implementation and configurations for collaborations through digital artifacts and the management of information. Over the years, crises and technological changes have influenced one another in a stimulating environment for the need of new innovations and ways of working. Nowadays, faced with an existential organizational threat due to the pandemic, most organizations, have been forced to radically transform their businesses once more, but even more rapidly. The implications of the pandemic consequences have caused the need for new ways of working yet again. This paper aims to shed light on the impacts of this rapid transformation for organizations, their collaborative agile teams and intellectual property due to the pandemic in a sociotechnical perspective. We discuss the possibilities for the implementation of virtual teams and how organizations can navigate through what practical implications an increase of remote work brings. Furthermore, we aim to develop an understanding of what technological tools are needed for the transformation and the continuation of best practice hybrid teams and collaborative work to achieve organizational excellence. The research of this study has been gathered through a qualitative methodology, in a hermeneutic approach, by conducting semi structured interviews with individuals working in agile teams. The primary findings of the research made is that the ideal way of hybrid work must be determined by the organizational context and the context of the team. When formal communication is needed, remote work is preferable, but when informal communication and social aspects are needed it is preferable to use physical spaces. The second finding is that the technological aspects of hybrid work is more about managing people and resources than the technology itself. There are many useful tools and techniques, but it is the coordination of human and technology that is the most important aspect in the implementation of effective hybrid teams. Finally, there are many challenges when implementing hybrid teamwork for agile teams and the main objective for any organization to succeed is to manage technology and individuals in symbiosis and apply these aspects to the context of the team.

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