Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Örebro universitet/Akademin för naturvetenskap och teknik

Sammanfattning: Abstract   The purpose of this project is to develop a modular processor card which is intended to work as a platform for Kitron Development Karlskoga. The modular processor card is meant to be used as a control system in development projects, mainly in medical and industrial products. The processor card will consist of a central unit with the basic functions for a control system. Furthermore there will be complete modules with machine commodity and programming, to pick exactly the necessary functions for a specific application.   With consideration to the specification of the development and the main unit, I chose an adequate microprocessor (AT90CAN32) as core and interface circuits to stated border areas.   The construction is first completed in the program MultiSim and then remade in the program OrCAD Capture. The programming language C was used in the software model. Then a layout was created in the program Ultiboard.   The project has resulted in the manufacture of a pattern card that can manage I/O units, such as D/A-converter, keyboard, display and serial port RS-232. The purpose was that the units should communicate with the processor. The application decides what the main unit is used for.   The D/A-converter was governed through SPI commands and the result was shown on an instrument (voltage). With the keyboard I was able to write digits to the processor and the result was shown on the display. The keyboard was used to send digits to the processor and was then sent through RS-232 to the PC. In the PC, a terminal program was used to receive digits.   A general platform has been developed through this project, where you can choose which functions you wish to use (see the building block in figure no.1).

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