IDEFICS intervention påverkade barnens totala tid i fysisk aktivitet

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet/Institutionen för medicin

Sammanfattning: Introduction: Physical activity is defined as any form of body movements that increasesthe body's energy expenditure. IDEFICS (Identification and prvention of Dietary- andlifestyle-induced health EFfects In Children and infantS) is one of the largest cohorts inEurope for prevention of childhood obesity, and this study developed a community-basedintervention (2007/08-2010) that included promotion of physical activity for children atschool level. Purpose: Investigate whether the intervention influenced children's physicalactivity in an intervention area compared to a control area, in western Sweden. Asecondary aim was to explore whether the total time in physical activity differed betweenthose who were members of a sports club and those who were not members. Method: Aquantitative approach has been used to describe the difference in the physical activity of743 children, from 2 to 9 years old. Information’s about physical activity, sex, age andsports membership was collected from a parental questionnaire. Results: Total physicalactivity decreased for both the intervention and control group from 2007/08 to 2010. Thedecrease in total physical activity was age-related and significantly lower in the controlgroup compared to the intervention group. The intervention appears to have affected thephysical activity of boys in the intervention group, which had a smaller decrease in totalphysical activity per week compared to boys in the control group. Sports membersshowed a smaller decrease in total physical activity compared to non-sports members.Divided into subgroups this result was still significant for girls that were sports members.Discussion / Conclusion: The decrease in total time in physical activity was smaller inthe intervention group compared with the control group, suggesting that the interventionhad a positive effect on children's physical activity. A sports membership showedsignificant impact on the physical activity mainly for girls. All children, but especiallygirls need more bracing and encouragement in their physical activity. More research andknowledge of best practices are needed to increase children's physical activity.

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