Byggherrens nytta av god bygglogistik

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Byggproduktion

Sammanfattning: Purpose: The purpose of this master thesis is to investigate the developer’s needs and benefits of managing building logistics at an early stage and understand how the management of construction logistics can influence the choice of procurement strategy. Problem: Today, there is a gray area in the construction industry between the logistics solutions and the needs that the developer must fulfill. The developer has great opportunities to influence the conditions of construction projects and all sub-processes, where an early commitment contributes to the fact that the requirements can be designed to meet the goals. The benefits that come with streamlining projects by early investigating the construction logistics conditions apply to both the developer and the project as well as society at large. Method: Based on the purpose of this master thesis, a descriptive case study is conducted. The empirics is subject to a semi-structured phone interview together with a postal questionnaire. The collection ofdata is mainly done with inspiration from a quantitative method where qualitative variables are used. Conclusion: The developers want an efficient and compliant construction process, where the developer has the control and the ability to steer the project. Densification is not, in substance, a driving force, but more a phenomenon that gives rise to driving forces. Conservatism is an excuse not to work with construction logistics and productivity. Developers have a need and want to involve construction logistics earlier in the construction process. Requirements of increased experience reversal had improved construction logistics, there is a lot of innovative work where the wheel reinvents. Understanding and knowledge of construction logistics needs to be improved both by developers and contractors. National/cross-border cooperation and investment in construction logistics are required. The need to investigate construction logistics is as great in a partnering project as in a single project. The benefits that a construction logistics analysis/more efficient construction logistics solution would have had in a project are: • Very positive – Working environment and environment • Positive – Schedule, cost, relationship between actors, accessibility and brand • More positive than negative – Opinion in the city/society

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