Patriotism, pengar eller personlig utveckling? En studie om värnpliktigas motivation till fortsatt engagemang

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Försvarshögskolan

Sammanfattning: This study investigates the motivations behind conscripts' choice to remain in the Swedish Armed Forces following basic training. Existing explanations lacks clarity, with results often contradictory and inconclusive. Hence, utilizing conscripts as the primary data source, this study seeks to comprehend the driving forces that motivate them to sustain their military involvement. Employing a mixed-methods approach utilizing five distinct motivational categories inspired by Charles Moskos and Fabrizio Battistelli: institutional, work-related, paleomodern, modern, and postmodern. The findings suggest that multiple motivational categories interact and exhibit partial interdependence. Notably, postmodern driving forces, encompassing personal development, the pursuit of adventure, and self-realization, emerge as critical factors influencing conscripts' motivation for continued commitment. Additionally, the study reveals that Russia's invasion of Ukraine has amplified conscripts' motivation to remain engaged. This research contributes to the understanding of conscripts' motivations and sheds light on the significance of postmodern motivators in driving their commitment.

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