Media och näringslivet: En studie om hur mediedrev bör hanteras enligt informationschefer och presschefer

Detta är en D-uppsats från Handelshögskolan i Stockholm/Institutionen för företagande och ledning

Sammanfattning: Media has power and impact. It is therefore important for managers to be able to handle media storms when they arise. If not, the brand can be affected negatively. It is managers who should learn to handle media storms because the managers constitute an important part of the external face of the company. Because it is managers who should learn to handle media storms it is interesting to study how media storms should be handled from a theoretical management-perspective. In this essay, institutional organization analysis has been chosen to analyze the advices from directors in media relations of how media storms should be handled. Directors in media relations are suited to answer the question of how media storms should be handled since it is their assignment to handle media storms. A qualitative method was used and the interviews were open and unstructured. An inductive approach was chosen in this essay. The interviews varied in length. The shortest one was less than 30 minutes and the longest was over 2 hours. The directors in media relations were promised to see the compilation of the interviews in advance and were reserved the right to change whatever they disagreed upon. According to the directors in media relations media storms should be handled by being open. By being open legitimacy is obtained since openness is a norm and legitimacy increases resources, stability and the ability to survive for organizations. Media storms should according to the interviewees not be handled with hypocrisy since this could aggravate the situation for companies and they could risk losing all credibility. However, depending on how environments change the answer of how media storms should be handled also changes.

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