En reflekterande studie av improvisation utifrån min egen praktik: Ram och frihet, tystnad, dynamik, personligt uttryck, samspel.

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet/Högskolan för scen och musik

Författare: Mari Åkerblom; [2022-01-07]

Nyckelord: improvisation; fri-improvisation;

Sammanfattning: In this project I have studied improvisation through my artistic processes and development as an improviser. In six sessions with different frames such as a composition/song, an operatic scene, a keyword, a text has been used as a departure for experiments and improvising in different duos or solo to examine improvisation in different kinds of improvisational contexts. I reflect upon what I hear afterwards and how I try to develop and get a deeper understanding of what improvisation can be, how I sing/play/improvise and what I can develop and how to balance different aspects of improvising. I search for how I balance the relations between limit and freedom, how I use pause and silence as an important aspect of the music, dynamics in different aspects. And how I balance personal expression and interplay, how my improvising can be described through this work and what patterns I can find when I listen to and look at the recorded material. Other voices that I have used to get perspectives from others are references from literature I have read and reflections from teachers. This is a study of what improvisation is in my practice and how to get the wanted nerve, focus, and balance the creative force as you improvise. And how to develop as an improviser by reflecting and analysing what you do and what improvising is for me and others. I am inspired by hermeneutic method of going deeper and deeper in a movement between the practice and reflection and between the parts and the hole to get a deeper understanding of the subject of improvisation and myself as an improviser. From my subjective inner I try to reach universal findings about the improvisational artist in general by applying a subjective objectivity. I am also inspired by action research and I try to apply that approach in my lab- work and look at actions in musical sessions in a methodical way to get a deeper understanding of my practice.

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