Att spränga de språkliga ramarna : En diskursanalys av hur kön kan förstås, hur det påverkar olika subjektpositioner och på dekonstruktionens möjligheter

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Stockholms universitet/Institutionen för individ, omvärld och lärande (IOL)

Sammanfattning: My objective with this paper is to contribute of the understanding of how the perspectives of our gender have been constructed and how we as individuals contribute to maintaining these constructions through repetition in our daily lives. During my time at the Stockholm Institute of Education, I have questioned my earlier conceptions and understandings surrounding gender, which have resulted in changing my perspective of gender, from what it was earlier. How this journey has gone up until today and with consequences this brings to daily educational practices is what my paper is about.  In my analysis I have been inspired by feminist poststructuralist perspective, in order to enable the reader to understand the many different ways the subject acts in my empirical material. To my aid, in order to understand in what ways a subject can be understood, I’ve used several different theoretical concepts like modernism, post modernism, post structuralism and the feminist post structuralism. IN my paper, I´ve used deconstruction as a tool for understanding this phenomenon in different ways. My hope is that the reader will gather an understanding of how this tool is used to question the long-standing perspectives that surround us. Through the use of deconstruction, we get an opportunity to expand our views and by this we can accomplish a continued broadening of our views on how one, as a subject, can be without risk of being judged as different. In other words, I want my paper to ”break through the socially constructed framework” that tends to limit us in different ways in our daily lives. 

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