Work-life balance och arbetstillfredsställelse : Relationen mellan work-life balance och arbetstillfredsställelse hos distansarbetare och kontorsarbetare

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Högskolan i Gävle/Avdelningen för arbetshälsovetenskap och psykologi

Sammanfattning: Abstract The purpose of this quantitative study was to find out how employees self-evaluate work-life balance and their job satisfaction. The participants were divided into two groups, “remote workers” and “office workers.” A comparison was made between the two groups regarding their work-life balance and job satisfaction. Apart from this, a second purpose of the present was to investigate whether there was a relation between work-life balance and job satisfaction of the organisation’s remote workers and office workers. The Minnesota Satisfaction Questionnaire (MSQ) and Questionnaire for SelfAssessing Your Work-Life Balance were used. Also included were three background questions, 45 questions and 20 claims. There were 39 responders (office workers = 15; remote workers = 24). The result of the study showed no significant difference between the two groups regarding their work-life balance or their job satisfaction. However, results showed there was a significant positive correlation with work-life balance and job satisfaction for remote workers. The results of this study could be explained by the fact that all the participants worked at the same organization and had similar tasks. 

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