Ansvarets otydlighet : en diskursiv studie om Riksarkivets arbete med FGS:er

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Avdelningen för ABM och digitala kulturer

Sammanfattning: The digitalization of the Swedish public sector has led to new responsibilities for the Swedish National Archives, Riksarkivet. This study investigates the Swedish National archives’ responsibility regarding the common specifications also known as CS. CS are, in short, standardization requirements for transcription metadata in the context of e-archives. The purpose of this thesis is to make visible the Swedish National Archives’ role regarding the responsibility of the common specifications. The starting point is the directions given to the National Archives by the Swedish government and how these directions reflect the expectations of the government regarding the National Archives’ role in the digitalization of the Swedish public sector. Other governmental agencies are additional key figures in the discursive interaction that influence how the role of the Swedish National Archives’ role is constructed. This discursive interaction is the theoretical foundation of our thesis. CS as a standardization tool is the study’s gateway into the digitalization of the public sector, due to the fact that metadata is the infrastructure behind e-archives. Therefore, metadata standardization is a central and fundamental part in the digitization process in Sweden. This thesis stems from the context of the Swedish e-government and how the Swedish Government’s regulation affects the Swedish National Archives’ responsibility. The material we’ve analyzed are public policy documents from the Swedish Government and the Swedish National Archives. The material also contains reports regarding the digitalization of the public sector. Our method has consisted of two parts, the first part consists of a content analysis method combined with a bibliometric tool and the second part consists of a discourse analysis method which we have combined with institutional theory in our analysis. The study has found that the Swedish National Archives’ responsibility in regards to the work with CS is obscure. The expectations from both the Government and the Government agencies are higher than the work that has been currently done on the matter. Several reports and investigations from the Government shows that the guidance from the Swedish National Archives needs to be clearer and more direct, this is something that both the Swedish National Archives and the Government agencies proclaim.

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