En studie om idrottens roll i det brottsförebyggande arbetet. Skillnader i attityder till kriminellt beteende bland ungdomar.

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Institutionen för psykologi

Sammanfattning: The survey aims to study differences regarding attitudes to crime, criminal activity, moral values and GRIT points among young people in upper secondary schools who attend year 3. Participating students live in three different cities; Lund, Malmö and Gothenburg, with an equal standard of living. These went to either a sports-oriented program or another program that is not sports-oriented. The study was conducted via a digital questionnaire that the students were allowed to submit completely anonymously. The questionnaire consisted of 47 questions, some with yes / no questions and some with multiple-choice questions. No clear differences were found in the young people's attitudes to crime, criminal activity, moral values or GRIT points, depending on the focus of the students in their programs. Given the results, it was decided to also examine gender as an additional independent variable. However, no relevant differences were found regarding gender linked to criminal activity or GRIT points. On the other hand, a difference is shown between the sexes regarding young people's attitudes to crime. Boys show a greater acceptance to pro-criminal behavior compared to girls. Finally, there was insufficient scientific basis for establishing the effects of sport on attitudes towards crime and criminal activity, where crime prevention measures reduce juvenile delinquency. Further research should be deepened in order to be able to answer the question and examine how the benefits of sport can be used effectively.

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