Implementering med hjälp av IoT(Internet of Things)

Detta är en Uppsats för yrkesexamina på grundnivå från Lunds universitet/Industriell elektroteknik och automation

Sammanfattning: Bluvision’s IoT-system has been the focus during the investigation if IoT (internet of things) is something that can be implemented on future Valmet machines. From the beginning the bachelor thesis was restricted to press, creping and turn-up. During the initial phase of the bachelor theses start Valmet had problem finding out why a new component had failed. Therefore, it was more valuable for Valmet to restrict the bachelor theses to vibration. During the preliminary studies Bluvision was chosen as the focus to get a wider understanding about how IoT is working and to compare the IoT-system with the systems that is being used today. Another focus is also to see if the IoT-system can replay the manual measurements that is taking place today. Bluvision’s focus is IIoT (Industrial internet of things), which works well because Valmet is working to create machines to industrial environment. Vibration measurements was one of four sensor types that Bluvision had and therefore a suitable choice for this bachelor theses. After the preliminary studies were completed, the implementation of the system began. The implementation was made together with the company Intertechna which is a partner with Bluvision. When the implementation was completed, and the data had appeared in the cloud the data had to be analyzed to see how much of the data that was useful for Valmet. The result is an investigation to see how Bluvision is compared to the technology that Valmet has today. Installing Bluvision to Valmet’s machines means that Bluvision has a learning period that is set with a chosen interval (by time) while the system reads the vibration data and is creating vibration patterns. The vibration patterns are what the alarm are based on, so as soon as the vibration pattern and the vibrations differs too much the alarm starts, and something is wrong. It is complicated to get raw data from Bluvision. In Valmet DMM it is a lot easier to see the raw data and it is easy to read the data in Valmet DMM system. Bluvision system could be added in all places where the manual measurements are done, then the vibration data will be measured from the beginning. More about Bluvision and Valmet DMM in the report.

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