Socionomprogrammet - kan innehålla spår av heteronormativitet : En enkätstudie

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från

Sammanfattning: Aim. This study examines the attitudes of social work students towards LGBT-persons, and whether the students perceive that the content of the social work program provides competence on LGBT related questions. The theoretical frame of reference is based upon queer theory. Method. A quantitative method was adopted to address the aims and objectives of this study. The study is limited to comprise of social work students from 3-7 semesters, from a Swedish university. A survey based upon earlier surveys and containing 41 statements was translated from English to Swedish. The survey was emailed to 245 social work students through the university’s email system.  Results. Findings suggest that the majority of the social work students demonstrate tolerant attitudes towards LGBT-persons while a minority show negative attitudes. Further results suggest that most students do not believe that the educational content of the social work program sufficiently addresses LGBT related questions. The majority of the social work students estimates their competence in LGBT-questions as neutral or neither. The results further show a significant negative correlation between attitudes towards LGBT-persons and educational content, as well as between content and competence. Significant differences between semesters and perceived educational content was found. Conclusion. The study concludes a low level of heterosexism among social work students, a lack of competence of LGBT-related questions and an insufficient course content. The results partially confirm the study's hypotheses but also indicate other correlations. Course content offering more in-depth insights into LGBT-issues is seen as an area of improvement within the social work program. To conclude, this study is the first to investigate the subject at national level and therefore further research within this field is both suggested and recommended.

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