Leda och bli ledd : En essä om moralens tvetydighet och det goda ledarskapet i idéburna organisationer

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Södertörns högskola/Centrum för praktisk kunskap

Sammanfattning: Abstract  In this study I explore everyday leadership in a philosophical and existential perspective, based on a field study with three deep interviews with leaders for non-profit organisations that offers alternative social, school and care activities as a complement to the welfare that society provides. A fourth voice that is contributing to the study material and running throughout the text in reflections, discussions and analyses is mine, and thus my professional experiences are also part of the research material. Existentialism and the book of Simone de Beauvoir For the moral of ambiguity, together with Aristotle's thoughts of virtue and practical knowledge, are the basis in my philosophical approach to the field study in which I attempt to explore everyday leadership in the welfare sector. Factual evidence is taken from scientific reports, as well as from scientific literature. These are used for comparisons regarding the actuality of the study and the definition of concepts such as leadership. With the interview questions I seek to encourage conversations and reflections on how it is to be a leader in the encounter between one’s own inner conviction and the external circumstances in which the leader is located. The intention is to seek better understanding of leadership in a social organisation, and how the professional role interacts with the person who takes this role. Through conversations and reflections I investigate in what way the moral approach of leadership and how the interviewee relates to the context in which he or she is active. The leaders' experience, thoughts and reflections on their professional role constitute the basis for discussion and analysis. The conversation reflects the moral values ​​and approaches of the interviewed leaders in the profession and, conversely, the impact of the professional role in the personal sphere.

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