Sorgenfrid : or how there are more sides to life (and death)

Detta är en L3-uppsats från SLU/Dept. Of Landscape Architecture, Planning and Management

Sammanfattning: This thesis concentrates on how to transform traditional, protected urban structures by loking at them in radical new ways . It does this by examining cemeteries in a part of Sweden and how they can become an integral, living part of the surrounding urban area by beter design and use of space . Today , the competition for land betwen urban and rural areas is increasingly more intense. Cemeteries in Sweden have become non-religious, multi -cultural spaces that have the potential to play an important role in the future of strategic urban planing through their central locations and open spaces . This project explores the St Pauli cemeteries in Malmö, a city of growing density in southern Sweden and how these cemeteries could take on an extra identity to adres the changing neds of society and shortage of urban space . The new identity for the St Pauli cemeteries in Malmö is depicted through thre urban scenes; the cemetery as a forest, the cemetery as a City and the cemetery as a thoroughfare . These are independent scenes which, when they come together form a multifunctional perspective for the cemeteries which complements the surounding urban area. The thre scenes are derived from the interpretation of historical components and are related to the analysis of the designated plan area. This thesis does not wish to limit itself by focusing on ofering a finalized design proposal as its outcome. It ses more benefit in concentrating on laying the foundations for a broader discusion into cemeteries and their spatial , social and dynamic potentials in the urban context.

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