VÅLDTAGEN: ett förpliktigande epitet. En kritisk diskursanalys

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Socialhögskolan

Sammanfattning: Our purpose has been to review and analyse the representation of rape, as well as discussions concerning rehabilitation, present in texts targeted at professionals and/or female victims of rape. We wish to investigate whether female victims of rape themselves are given the opportunity of individual positioning with regard to the crimes they have been exposed to. We consider it to be of relevance that female victims of rape themselves are given the opportunity to act, react and feel individually in the context in which they find themselves, without judgement or certain expectations on how to act being dealt to them from their surroundings. Our research questions have been as follows; what views of the phenomenon that is rape are presented in the texts? Do the texts apply any specific theoretical analysis aimed at the possible explanations of the phenomenon that is rape? In what ways do the texts present the significance of rape for the female rape victim? How are the victims feelings of disgrace, guilt and disgust with regard to rape explained, are these reactions linked to the understanding of female sexuality? How are methods of the rehabilitation of female rape victims presented in the texts? Do the texts render possible any other/varying subject positions as a female rape victim? To answer these research questions we have applied a critical discourse analysis on our selection of texts and thereafter made a connection to relevant theory. The results of our study showed that our research material points out how rape is the utmost degrading and humiliating event that a woman can endure. The research material also builds on the assumption of a kind of gender order that systematically subordinates women to men. Out of the research material we could extract tellings of women who more than often experience feelings of guilt, disgrace and disgust having been subjects to rape. This was linked to the understanding of female sexuality in the sense that women often have to assume responsibility for their own sexuality as well as for that of the man. Methods of rehabilitation present in our research material consisted of varying forms of therapeutic conversations. The research material did not present other/varying subject positions to access as a female victim of rape apart from the ones consisting of feelings of humiliation, violation, disgrace, guilt or similar reactions. Women who diverged from before mentioned representations of the crime where either redeemed "in denial" or not mentioned at all.

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