Från vagga till häkte. En systematisk litteraturstudie kring föräldraskapets påverkan på ungas brottslighet

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet/Institutionen för socialt arbete

Sammanfattning: Background: In the current scientific landscape within systematic reviews concerning theeffects of parental factors on juvenile delinquency there is a noticeable bias towards studiesthat have been performed in a North American context.Aim: Compiling the research regarding parental factors' influence on youth in a Nordiccontext.Method: A systematic review of 11 scientific articles The data from the articles wascompiled and then put through a thematic analysis in which they were sorted into a number ofsub-themes. To find the articles that were used in the thesis, a literature database calledProquest was used.Result: The compilation and analysis of the data resulted in the creation of two differentthemes dubbed "internal factors" and "external factors" each with three additional sub-themeswithin them. These sub-themes included "The relationship between the parent and the youth",Confidence and perception about parenthood" and "Violence within the family" wereincluded as internal factors while "Parents' socioeconomic situation", "The parents' academicresources" as well as "Parents participation in society" were included within the externalfactor theme.Conclusion: From the results it could be concluded that several factors found in the Nordicresearch were similar to those identified in the earlier research made in the North Americancontext. However certain risk factors were relatively unique to the Nordic research such asthe father being active in community activities.

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