Geologiska besöksmål och geoparker som plattform för popularisering av geovetenskap

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Geologiska institutionen

Sammanfattning: As the number of geoparks and available geological tourist destinations increases there is also a need to understand how these can be used to increase geological knowledge in society. One of the purposes of geoparks is to promote education about sustainable use and protection of both geological heritages and Earth itself. In recent years in Sweden, three geoparks have been nationally or internationally recognized and further projects like “Geopark Skåne – by the edge of a continent” have been initiated. This development calls for studies exploring the connections between international geotourism and the work done in Sweden. This thesis explores some of the work that is done, both internationally and nationally, to promote geology and geosciences through tourism and how geoparks and geological sites can be used to increase geological understanding in society. It is in part done through a literary review and case studies of projects revolving around geotourism. Through these methods, some clear connections between recent international literature and current projects in Scania were found. Some themes that were frequent in most sources were: how geotourism can be used to promote geosciences and geological understanding, which efforts are made globally and what is seen as important by both visitors and those working actively with geotourism and geoparks. Most sources also provided a unified view on the subject and agreed that not only is geological knowledge important, but its reach can be improved using geotourism. The popularisation of geosciences can provide both an increased understanding of geology and Earth in society and the vital feeling of belonging to a wider context.

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