Att lyssna på ungas våldsberättelser är allt annat än enkelt - En studie om stress och copingstrategier hos socionomer som samtalar med unga våldsoffer

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Socialhögskolan

Sammanfattning: In recent years several reports have indicated that social workers could be one of the more vulnerable professionals regarding emotional work related stress. At Barnahus in Sweden social workers together with other professionals listen to the story’s told by young victims of violence. In this study, we interviewed five social workers at Barnahus in order to highlight the impact listening to these stories can have on them and what strategies they use in coping with their feelings. We analyzed the results from the interviews using Coping theory and Stress theory. Social workers in this study reported, among other things, that they were emotionally affected by the stories and described the reactions as being stressed, exhausted and asocial. In order to overcome the emotional pressure social workers used coping strategies such as ensuring support from supervisors and colleagues, focusing on optimism, empathy, and job satisfaction, physical activities, support from family, time for oneself and experiences from the past. Even though the social workers in this study reported the use of coping strategies they still seemed to show signs of work related stress. Raised awareness of the effect of secondary traumatization on social workers in these types of work assignments needs to be emphasized.

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