Vem är det som kör? - En fallstudie om automatisering

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet / / Institutionen för sociologi och arbetsvetenskap

Sammanfattning: In the current debate about how our future work life will be organised, automatization androbots gets a lot of attention in both media and recent studies. This new technology is by somebelieved to totally change how and where we will work. Our essay aim to fill the gap betweenthe technological determinists and the socially oriented scientist by using Actor-NetworkTheory (ANT) by Callon (1986). ANT is a perspective that allows both the technological andsocial networks to be studied under the same framework. The essay is a case study in aorganizational context that is considering implementing the technology of automatization witha self driving garbage truck. In the essay we have conducted semi-structured interviews withthe actors involved in the network in order to get their view on the project. To get a wideperspective interviews were made with Managers, HR-Division, Union representatives,Chauffeurs and the garbage truck manufacturer. The actors expectations and fears arecompared to get a view of how the project is received in the organizational context. In theanalysis and discussion we try to map the networks and negotiations that are to be done inorder to get the technology fully accepted by all actors. The actors’ different responses to thetechnology are then compared to prior results in both the technological and socially orientedstudies. The result shows that different actors can have different agendas in accepting atechnological change. Our essay shows that in order to get a new technological systemimplicated and accepted, negotiations within the network of actors must take place, includingnegotiations with the technology itself and the human actors involved. The result indicates amore complex situation in the introduction of new technology in the organizational context2than prior studies previously has shown. This study is of interest for HR-workers whenintroducing technology and technological changes within an organizational context.

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