Kvinnors konversationer på Facebook om förlossningsförberedelser.

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Sammanfattning: Background: Throughout pregnancy, women need support from both midwives and otherpeople around them. In Sweden, the pregnant woman is supported by the maternal health carewhere checks and preparations are made prior to childbirth, according to a predeterminedprogram. In addition to this program, parenthood education has also played an important rolein preparation for childbirth and parenthood. This parental education also fills a socialfunction for pregnant women as through this they can meet others in the same situation.Studies have shown that women may feel that birth preparations can be beneficial prior tochildbirth. However, there is no proven connection between birth preparation courses and thebirth experience or the delivery outcome. Today, the Internet is a major source of informationthat pregnant women are increasingly using to find pregnancy-related information. Socialmedia has become a platform where pregnant women seek contact with others and where theycan share their experiences.Aim: The purpose of this study is to describe women's conversation topics on Facebookregarding childbirth preparation.Method: Qualitative content analysis with inductive approach where conversations betweenwomen on Facebook were analysed.Result: The result is presented in three categories; Lack of information, Exchange ofexperiences, Strategies that worked and nine subcategories; Lack of information about normalchildbirth process, Lack of information about afterbirth, Lack of information oncomplications, Programs and videos on TV and internet, Childbirth stories via podcast andblogs, Listen to others in close relation, Group preparation, Trust in their own ability andRelationships with midwives.Conclusion: The result shows that women want a lot of information before giving birth.Information is sought from midwives as well as through learning from experiences of others.Women want to connect with other women in the same situation during pregnancy and birthpreparation courses can have an impact on expanding their social network.Keywords: Birth preparation, information, internet, pregnancy, support

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