Modus vivendi – en studie av hivpositiva homosexuella mäns berättelser

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Socialhögskolan

Sammanfattning: During the last ten years several international studies and reports have paid attention to the sexual life of HIV-positive homosexual men, while in Sweden this area is unexplored and has to be investigated in the future. The lack of knowledge of the sexual life of HIV-positive homosexual men risks to stigmatize still more this group of people who are already exposed in society. The aim of the report is to study the way the HIV-positive homosexual men talk about the sexual meeting seen in the light of their HIV-diagnosis. The theoretical frame of reference of the study is partly Erving Goffman’s theory about “the Self and the masks”. Goffman’s theory is inspired by symbolic interactionism. The other part of the theoretical frame of reference of the study is narrative theory and methodology. The empirical material of the study consists of six qualitative interviews which provide a unique insight into the sexual ideas, hopes, wishes, disappointments, sorrow and shame of the informants. Most of them have an active sexual life with several sex partners. The sexual meetings take place in different surroundings, e.g. porno and sauna clubs, public parks and rest rooms, on Internet and in homes. The study shows that the sexual meeting is of great importance in the life of the informants. Besides the possibility to express sexual lust the sexual meeting is of great importance to well–being, quality of life, a part of the self-respect etc. The study shows a variety of opinions from HIV having ruined sexual life to the experience that HIV doesn’t put any obstacles or restraints to the sexual life. The informants criticize the Swedish law on Infectious Disease Control, which will influence their use of condoms and their willingness to inform a presumptive partner about their HIV-diagnosis in the sexual meeting. How the informant feels at the very moment of the construction of the sexual meeting is of vital importance for his decision to inform about his HIV-status at a sexual meeting.

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