Det är dags att införa partnersamtal på alla BVC En kvalitativ studie om specialistsjuksköterskans erfarenheter av att identifiera och stödja nyblivna föräldrar med depression och ångest på BVC

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Sammanfattning: Background: It is of great importance in the beginning of the parenthood that parents get support and guidance to be able to create favorable conditions for both the parents and the infant. The growth and development of almost all children are followed by the child health care in Sweden, therefore the child health nurses have an important task in identifying mental illness and anxiety in order to support the parents. Studies have shown that early identification of depression and anxiety and support for the parents is of great importance to ensure that the mental conditions doesn’t worsen. In cases where parents suffer from depression and anxiety, it can cause suffering for the individual, family and the infant. There are few qualitative studies in Sweden that enlightens the specialist nurses experiences according to identifying and supporting depression and anxiety in new parents. Purpose: To describe the specialist nurse´s experiences of identifying and supporting new parents suffering from depression and anxiety. Method: A descriptive qualitative method was chosen and the interviews were conducted in a semi-structured form. The interviews were conducted with seven child health nurses, with at least one year’s experience of the profession. The data from the interviews were analyzed through a qualitative content analysis with inductive approach. Results: After the data was analyzed four categories were identified: to observe the parents mental health, to be a fellow human being, factors who effect the possibilities to identify and support new parents with depression and anxiety and to include the partner. Conclusion: EPDS is a useful tool in order to identify and support mothers suffering from depression and anxiety. An important aspect that emerged in the result was that the interpersonal conversation had a significant function in supporting parents with depression and anxiety. Finally a need of implementation of the guidelines from the child health care’s nation guidelines regarding identification and support to the partner through depression and anxiety is necessary.

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