Barnmorskor inom förlossningsvården: Erfarenheter om kursen Föda utan rädsla

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Sammanfattning: Background: To be able to effectively perform maternity care of highest standards, all first time parents are offered a parental and childbirth course. In Sweden these courses are led solely by midwives. The purpose of the courses are to prepare the parents of the forthcoming childbirth and the awaited baby. One of the courses offered is the coping strategy Confident birth, where the self-chosen support play a central part. Research shows that participants in parental and childbirth courses have a more positive childbirth experience. We have noticed that there is no research backing up the course Confident birth, although the method is implemented at Närhälsans health care center and offered to first time parentsAim: The aim is to describe midwives’ experiences of assisting couples who had participated the course Confident birthMethod: A quality study with individual semi-structured interviews of midwives working at maternity wards in the Western part of Sweden. Seven midwives where interviewed. The method chosen for data analysis was Inductive content analysis.Results: The results are presented in three main categories; The preparations significance, Midwifes significance and The partners significance. The result describes that the midwifes saw that coping strategies support the couple through labour and Confident birth gave confident and well prepared couple. Furthermore Confident birth promotes the teamwork between the midwife and the couple. The midwife could identify a strong confidense in the midwifes profession in general. The midwifes described that Confident birth gave a confident and active partner during the labour.Conclusion: The study can conclude that childbirth preparation with the course Confident birth provides an active and confident partner, and the prospective parents have coping strategies for coping with childbirth. According to the midwives, the course Confident birth gives a welded couple who, together with the midwife, works as a team. Thus, the result can be interpreted that the course Confident birth according to the midwives has a positive impact for the couple during the birth.Key Word: Midwife, childbirth preparation, antenatal education and companionship of choice.

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