Challenges when making extensive changes to software processes : A case study on a software development department at Scania CV AB

Detta är en Uppsats för yrkesexamina på avancerad nivå från Mittuniversitetet/Avdelningen för informationssystem och -teknologi

Sammanfattning: Organizations go through a variety of different change processes during their life time, and many of these are necessary for the organizations to maintain their competitiveness. However, a large part of change efforts never achieve their goals and about 70 percent of all change efforts are considered to be unsuccessful. A reason for the high percentage of failures is the inability to deal with the challenges that often arises in connection with the change process. In order for the change effort to be successful it is therefore crucial to be prepared and knowing how to identify and handle the challenges and resistance that may arise during the change process. The aim of the study has been to identify the challenges with extensive change efforts in software development organizations. Two extensive changes, (1) changing the software itself by making the software structure modular and (2) changing the software development process by adapting agile methods, at a software development department at Scania CV AB has been used as a case study. An overall fear and resistance towards extensive changes was identified. In addition, four main challenges were identified with the first change; difficulties with the software development process, lack of vision and communication from management, fear and uncertainty, and lack of resources and tools. Two challenges were identified with the second change; that it was time consuming and lack of resources and tools. The difficulties with the software development process showed that the major challenge with the modular software structure was maintaining it. However, the remaining challenges have previously been identified in several studies and could all be related to being causes of resistance. Also, a comparison between the two changes were made to identify similarities and differences between them. This was made to further understand if the difference between the changes could be related to the challenges. The comparison indicates that a change effort with a clear vision, good communication and management involvement is less likely to encounter challenges.

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