Employee competence development through information tools. ASCOM case study

Detta är en Master-uppsats från IT-universitetet i Göteborg/Tillämpad informationsteknologi

Sammanfattning: Information is being considered as an asset in the organizational environment. Firms strive todevelop the effective information sharing strategy. The well formulated information strategyfacilitates employees across the organization to build their competency, but also helps thefirm to achieve their strategic goals. The information sharing becomes a prominent challengeif only focused on transmitting documents. Contrary, it should be well structured andaccessible by all employees in order to achieve enterprise goals. Therefore, this paperinvestigates the way in which the competence of different target groups should be builtthrough information tools. The working target groups addressed are i.e. sales and techniciansat Ascom Wireless Solutions. The online tool for survey together with series of interviews isused as a methodology to identify the main channels for building competence and thelimitations of these information tools. The main sources are Extranet, Technical referencelibrary (TRL), Trainings and informal communication. In order for the users to obtain theneeded competence, the identified channels have to improve the content of the information aswell as the search possibilities that the sources provide. Therefore, the paper concludes withthe proposed suggestions for the betterment of Ascom information strategy in order to buildemployee competence.

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