Avveckling som utveckling - En studie om beslutsprocessen kring avvecklingen av Migrationsverkets verksamhet i Borås

Detta är en L2-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Statsvetenskapliga institutionen

Sammanfattning: Due to changed global conditions, The Swedish Migration Agency will have to reorganize and decrease its locations, in accordance with its business plan for 2021. The decision was based on a combination of a reduced number of asylum seekers in Sweden and reduced governmental funding of the agency. The agency will completely cease to operate in the municipality of Borås. Therefore, this paper focuses on how Swedish agencies are governed. The decision-making process behind the minimization of the Swedish Migration Agency's operation in Borås will be described by examining the agency's own empirical material about the dismantling in Borås. Also, the paper's argumentation analysis will narrate the media debate regarding the decision. Furthermore, the decision-making process will be analysed through theories about governance of public administration. As a consequence, Graham T. Allison's “The Essence of Decision” and theory of how governments should be analysed through several perspectives, is assumed to be fruitful for the purpose of this study. The motives behind the Swedish Migration Agency's final decision can be described and analyzed through several different theoretical perspectives. Thereby, the study concludes that different theories simultaneously contribute to a more nuanced understanding of how agency's decision-making can be motivated.

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