Ett arbete fullt av mening : En kvalitativ studie av en grupp stödassistenter och det emotionella arbetet i fokus

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Luleå tekniska universitet/Institutionen för ekonomi, teknik och samhälle

Sammanfattning: Support nurse is a professional group whose work involves close contact with other people, they are also a profession that is in demand in the labor market. The shortage of nurses means they may experience increased stress and lack of influence in their own work. Support nurses main task is to supervise individuals with neuropsychiatric disorders, these individuals also called for patients. The aim of the study was to investigate a group support nurses and their experiences of the emotional aspect of their job role and how relationships with clients and colleagues is important for how they feel and how they can manage the demands of work. In the performance of my study I have started from Arlie Hochschild (2003) theory of emotional wage work, how emotions are expressed and handled by support assistants in the daily work with the users. Wage labor is a central part of many people's lives and some individuals seek out jobs where they feel it can make a difference and the feeling of having meaningful work as evidenced in the results of the study on the basis of the description of the work support nurses. Hochschild (2003) argues that the emotional work means you have a job that consists of relationships with other people and where you are in your work becomes emotionally involved. I have chosen to use a qualitative method in the execution of this study by conducting eight semi-structured interviews with active support nurses divided into five businesses in the support operations in Luleå. The collected material for this study were analyzed using scientific articles that highlights previous research and Hochschild (2003) theory of emotional work. It appears from the results of the study and analysis of the experience of workload and managing their own emotions and the users are different as well, the experience of the emotional load. The support nurses’ highlights colleagues as an important factor to be able to perform at work. Working as a team is seen as a prerequisite and that all have in common is deleted from a user perspective and common goals. It also appears that the recovery is seen as crucial for the support assistants to cope with the work from a long term perspective, to sleep and enough recovery for those support assistants who work evenings / weekends while support assistants who work only during the day are satisfied with their work situation and feel that they get enough of recovery.

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