Implementation and integration of a collaborative robot in a production line

Detta är en Master-uppsats från KTH/Industriell produktion

Sammanfattning: Scope of this thesis is the integration and implementation of a collaborative robot in the production line. In the first chapter, the project is described, and its objectives, purpose, boundaries and requirements are defined. Moreover, the project management tools and techniques are presented. All the steps and procedures followed before the initiation of the project are analysed. In the second chapter, the basic theoretical background necessary for a better understanding of the content of this thesis is presented. The history and development of collaborative robots, as well as the industrial evolutions are mentioned. The different types of collaborative robots and their importance in Industry 4.0 and current production are analysed. The third chapter deals with the detailed description of the project. All the devices and equipment are presented thoroughly. The programming logic and working flow is explained. In the last chapter according to the initial objectives, boundaries and requirements the success of the project is assessed. An analysis of how the installation of automate corrugate loader affected the production process is performed. Future changes, improvements and technical suggestions are discussed. The ultimate goal of this thesis project is that the content in the thesis report will be used as a guide for future installations of same or similar type of robots. The aim is to avoid many of the mistakes made, due to rush decisions, lack of experience and communication between team members. The leaning curve obtained during the implementation of the project, can lead to more effective projects in the future.

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