Tystnad, isolering och ökat våld. En studie om hur våldsutsatta kvinnor har påverkats under covid-19

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet/Institutionen för socialt arbete

Sammanfattning: Purpose: The purpose of the study is to investigate how the staff at women's shelters apprehend that the situation of women exposed to violence has been affected by covid-19. The purpose is further to analyze what consequences of covid-19 has had for the staff's ability and opportunities to support abused women during normalization and break-up processesMethod: Qualitative in-depth interviews with staff at seven women’s sheltersProcedure: Seven interviews with staff at women’s shelters were transcribed and analyzed using the theory of normalization and break-up processes. Previous research on how abused women tend to be more affected due to historical epidemics were also used among others to analyze the empiricism in the studyResults: The results of the study show that women exposed to violence have been negatively affected by covid-19. The shelters have become quiet, which may be due to women being increasingly isolated in their home environment. The isolation, in turn, tends to risk increased violence against the already vulnerable woman. The isolation can also result in a more profound pattern of dependence on the abusive partner. The results also show that the staff as a result of covid-19 have encountered several challenges that have come to affect their ability to support women.

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