Vad händer om man vänder på schh? : En undersökning om bakgrundsljud på bibliotek

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för ABM


Since the role of the libraries as merely a place for loans has decreased, the importance of giving the visitors a total experience has increased.

The aim of my thesis was to investigate whether a change in the sound environment at the library of Jokkmokk could generate more satisfied visitors, whether they are borrowers or use the library for other purposes. The change in the sound environment was to be effected by means of a background sound experiment in the magazine room at the library. Action research was used as a research strategy and observations and interviews as method to collect data.

The experiment was conducted with two selected sounds of nature: birdsong and a rippling brook. The observations and interviews were executeted in three stages: 1. Without any background sound. 2. With birdsong. 3. With the rippling brook. The result showed that over seventy percent of the interviewees were in favour of the background sounds. It is important to consider the overall impression the library conveys to the visitors.

As a result of the study we have found some measures that can be taken to improve the sound environment at the library of Jokkmokk.

This is a two years master thesis in Archive, Library and Museum studies.

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