Modelling towards a lean product development process : A case study at Scania customized truck development

Detta är en Master-uppsats från KTH/Industriell produktion

Sammanfattning: The increasing demands on producing products in an effective and resource efficient manner has put more focus on modelling internal processes within organizations. Models of internal processes show what work is to be done and how to do the work in order to get to the desired result. Modelling internal processes is also a way to capture knowledge that by many is seen as the most meaningful resource and valuable asset in today’s organizations.  This thesis project has created a model of the project process for customized truck development (s-order) at Scania. The purpose has been to create a model that facilitates the everyday work of the project managers and can be used to improve the process. The goal of this report is to add to the theoretic field of process modelling by focusing on how to use a process model. A qualitative case study was conducted in parallel to a literature study. The result is a model in two layers providing different levels of detail. The model can be used for project planning, project execution, project control and project development the most important part being to create a standardized way of working which is the basis for a lean product development. The process of modelling can in itself generate important insights into a process, the report therefore ends with a discussion on suggestions for improvement of the s-order projects towards becoming a more lean product development process.

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