Processjämförelse : säljprocessen inom ett internationellt företag

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Högskolan på Gotland/Institutionen för humaniora och samhällsvetenskap


Sales is the foundation for all commercial business and companies that have the best sales process in conjunction with efficient deliveries will do well in the long run. The author of this report was tasked by the Organisation in South Africa to study new/alternative ways of attracting Swedish companies to South Africa and sell the services of the Organisation to these same companies (defined as the sales process in this report) by analysing how similar international service companies do the same. A benchmarking process has been conducted with four similar service organizations in South Africa to examine how these companies work in comparison to the Organization. Surveys have been used for purposes of this study, as the methodology is well suited to provide the author a view on the opinions, perceptions and experiences of the respondents.

The project aimed to develop new methods to attract Swedish companies to South Africa or improve and streamline the existing methods. The aim was also to develop new ways to sell the organization's services to Swedish companies.

The study concludes that there is little focus on marketing of services within the Organisation. Focus seems to lie more on general customer calls. In addition there is often a lack of clarity regarding customer requirements and needs reducing the ability of the Organisation to match companies with specific opportunities on the South African market. Furthermore, the segmentation can be improved.

This report concludes with a number of practical recommendations, which should be implemented immediately in order to improve the sales process short term. The Organisation is, among other things, recommended to improve marketing of opportunities to Swedish companies in order to reach a point where the Organisation has a long term focus to increase the number of potential customers that contacts the Organisation by their own initiative.

The author of this report does however,  recommend that the Organisation start a long-term process of restructuring marketing within the Organisation. Furthermore, segmentation should be reconsidered to ensure that the Organisation can identify opportunities and relay these to the right type of existing customers, alternatively to new customers.

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